Your TransporTunity Awaits!

Can you imagine a world where you run your own successful home-based business? Imagine being your own boss, setting your own hours and determining your own worth – instead of just being limited to whatever someone else is willing to pay you. Imagine if you could just cancel the commutes and the costumes and work right from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and in your pajamas even!

The Sky is the Limit!

There’s an old saying that J.O.B. stands for “Just Over Broke”. There’s a lot of truth to that. You’ll never get rich as long as you work for someone else; dedicating all your time, talent and passion to someone else’s dream. Maybe you feel as though your life is wasting away while you work to enrich others. Meanwhile you have to settle for just making ends meet. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do more for yourself and your family? Wouldn’t you love to finally start building something for yourself? I have good news:

Your TransporTunity has arrived!

You too can start an exciting new career today where you’re the boss, finally working for yourself and building up your very own business! You. Yours. The only equipment you’ll need is a computer, a smart phone, and reliable internet. With our world class training, tools and support system you’ll have everything you need to finally start turning your dreams into reality!

Finally, a real work from home opportunity that provides
multiple income streams with unlimited income and growth potential!
The U.S. Transportation Industry Needs You!

The Class A CDL trucking industry is made up of hundreds of carriers looking for good drivers, and there are thousands of drivers every day who are looking for their next truck driving job. These carriers are willing to pay BIG MONEY ($6,000 and more!) for each qualified driver that they hire, and many drivers change jobs once or more every year! That means there are lots of drivers getting hired and money being paid!

Our partner carriers like to stay focused on what they do best: hauling freight. That’s why they need help finding lots of great drivers! This creates a golden opportunity for you to make incredible money from the comfort of your own home! By helping our carriers find the drivers they need, you’re also helping good hard working truck drivers find great jobs offering competitive pay and benefits with reputable carriers.

Perhaps the best part of all, there is never ever any cold calling required! Every single one of the drivers in our database have submitted applications requesting that we contact them regarding a specific job, and they’re awaiting your phone call! If you know some truck drivers personally, they’ll have a friend in the business, and you’ll have some excellent prospects to help get you started.

How Does it Work?

You talk to truck drivers on the phone about jobs they’ve applied for, no cold calling required. We’ll even provide the phone service so you never have to give out your own number. Simply go over our Pre-Screening Questionnaire with them and if they’re qualified, give them all the job details using our professionally written scripts and complete our online application with your driver over the phone.

Don’t need our scripts? All the information is provided for you in bullet point for every job, in addition to the scripting. So you can choose your own approach based on your skill and comfort level. How and when you work is entirely up to you. You’re the boss!

Our team of hiring specialists will review the application for accuracy and completeness, then we send it on to the carrier for processing. You’ll stay in touch with your driver, giving and receiving updates on their application status until they get to orientation. Then if your driver gets hired and dispatched by the carrier, you’ll get paid a commission of $1,000 – $6,000 per driver, depending on the job!

Here at TransporTunity we’ve developed a comprehensive Real-time Job Mapping System that gives you a birds-eye view of hundreds of Class A CDL truck driving jobs across the nation, with more being added daily!

Our system shows you exactly which jobs are open, how many drivers are needed, and how much you’ll get paid for that driver. If the job that the driver applied for isn’t a good fit for them, then our system allows you to see what other opportunities are currently available in their area right then while you still have them on the line!

Our up-to-the-minute updates ensure that you’ll always
have all the latest and most accurate job information at your finger tips, and our professionally written scripts guarantee that you’ll never have to search for what to say next in order to close the deal!

Dual Revenue Streams!

It’s easy to generate incredible income just by getting drivers hired. Even at the lowest payout, just one hire every two weeks would be $2,000 per month, or an average of $500 per week. If those two hires were in the top payment tier, it would equal $12,000 per month. Top earners can realistically earn on average more than $25,000 per month, just by recruiting drivers!

As exciting as that is, we take your earning potential a big step further! If you refer a new recruiter to join our team you will receive a 5% bonus based on their earned commissions! So if your referred recruiter gets a $6,000 hire you will automatically receive a $300 bonus payment!

Other tools include:
Customer Relations Management Platform
Our CRM platform will help you stay organized and up to date on all the drivers in your pipeline. In addition to the 1,800+ active truck drivers in our Driver Database, you’ll also have the option to harness our powerful marketing department for brand new applications generated from various job search boards and social media platforms.
Business VOIP Phone Service
Feature rich VOID business phone service packed with features including access to our local and 800 numbers with your very own extension. Business calls will ring through to the phone number you designate, but your clients will only see the business number and never your personal number. Your caller ID will always show the business’ name so you’ll always know when to answer professionally without having to carry around a second phone!
Powerful Pre-screening tools
We have resources available that will help you to pre-screen applicants and help determine whether or not they’re likely qualified before you ever even pick up the phone. This way you can focus your efforts on the drivers most likely to get you paid!
Valuable Industry Insights
To help ensure your success, you’ll also get access to our weekly industry insights newsletter and conference calls where you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to help grow your business and keep you up to date on relevant developments that could affect the transportation sector.
Steady Supply of Hot Leads
We’ll provide a steady stream of Prospects who are currently actively looking for a job, and have applied to a specific job ad. Additionally, we have our entire database of drivers mapped in our system, so you can see who lives in the hottest hiring areas along with their contact information.
World Class Training
We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed, as well as training on how to use them. Our Recruiter University features in-depth training videos as well as text-based instructions on various subjects including the fundamentals of truck driver recruiting, running a successful home-based business, and much much more! You can also join our daily Lunch & Learn teleconferences or download them and listen at your convenience. Add to that real-time 1-on-1 support from our Admin team via phone, email or chat!
We work with some of the biggest and best carriers in the nation!

Everything You Need

There’s no need for you to go through the hassle of setting up a legal business, paying for an expensive business phone service, or earning a degree in marketing so that you can generate fresh leads consistently. We’ll do all that for you!

Available Resources Include:

  • Real-time Account Mapping System
  • CRM Platform
    (To help manage leads)
  • Pre-screening Tools
    Focus on the best drivers
  • Lead Generation Services
    (Indeed & Job boards)
  • Branded email service
  • Business Phone Service
    – VOIP – Local & 800
    – Text Messaging
  • World Class Training
    (Videos & Resources)

Smart features

All the tools you need to maximize your POTENTIAL

Easy to use

Made for everyone


Reputable Carriers

Reputable Carriers with Competitive Pay & Benefits


Free Leads

Active Prospects in our Driver Database


Trucking Jobs

Local, Regional, OTR & Dedicated positions with more being added daily!

5 star

User reviews


Smart Features

Get Started Today!

There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee to get you all setup in our system. You will then have a 60 day trial period to evaluate this opportunity with full access to our proprietary Real-time Job Mapping System and suite of professional tools. If it simply isn’t for you, then there is no additional cost or obligation.

With your first commissioned hire during the 60 day trial period, you will receive the appropriate commission plus the amount of your registration fee and continued free access to the opportunity for an additional 30 days.

If for any reason you haven’t gotten a hire within your 60 days, or if you go any 30 day period thereafter without a commissioned hire, then you can still keep the opportunity alive by purchasing a month of access for just $99.95.

If you get at least one hire during that month, you will receive your commissions, and the following month’s access will again be free. Every month that you get at least one hire, the next month is automatically free!

  • Designed for success
  • Low Overhead Expenses
  • All-inclusive package
  • Fast & Reliable Payments

All the benefits of owning your very own business without any of the hassle!

As an independent contractor you don’t have to worry about the hassles and expenses of setting up a whole business on your own. We’ve taken care of all that. But you will reap the benefits of being able to set your own hours, write your own paychecks and build your own team of Sub-Recruiters. It’s time to own that dream!

  • Build a client list
  • Build a team of Subs
  • Help Subs develop teams
  • Build passive income
No Employer Taxes

Sub-Recruiters are not taxed as Employees

No Need for Payroll or HR

Payroll and HR can be a headache!

Unlimited Income Potential

The sky’s the limit with dual income streams


Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions

Don’t see an answer to your question below? Contact our friendly support team for assistance!

What are the hours?
As your own boss, you’ll decide your own hours, but the early bird gets the worm! Most drivers are up and working by 7 a.m. EST, but you’re in complete control of when and how much you work! Start out working part time and grow it into a full time endeavor, or jump in both feet first and call 100 drivers a day. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
How and when do I get paid?
Once your Driver is hired and dispatched by the carrier, we invoice them the following Monday. You can expect your pay on that Friday; the week following dispatch. Current payment distribution methods include Check, ACH, PayPal and CashApp.
When can I have sub-recruiters?
You’re eligible to sign up sub-recruiters from day one! Just have the new recruiter enter information in the “Other Notes” section of the checkout page when they sign up and pay their registration fee. Please note that you must have valid access to the system, either from getting a driver hired or by paying the $199.95 monthly access fee, to be eligible to collect bonuses for sub-recruiters.
Why is there a registration fee?
There are expenses associated with setting everything up for each new recruiter. Some will put in the effort and be successful, others will take a look, decide it just isn’t for them, and do nothing. There is no time clock. But with your first hire you will get your registration fee back, along with the stated commission. So if you’re active and consistently productive, then there are no fees in the long-run. Also, we’ve found that people are more motivated to become successful if they have even just a little skin in the game.
Do the commission amounts change?
Yes, the commission amounts do change from time to time depending on the needs of the carriers. Our proprietary Real-time Job Mapping System allows you to see what each job pays you, as well as what the drivers will be making, so you can decide which applicants you talk to, and which jobs to present.
What if I don’t get a hire within my 60 day trial period?
If you earn a commission during your first 60 days, you will receive your earned commission along with the return of your registration fee, and free continued access to the system the following month. If you don’t earn a commission within your first 60 days, you may continue the opportunity by paying a monthly access fee of $199.95. Any month that you earn a commission, the following month’s access will always be free. So as long as you get at least 1 hire every month, you’ll never pay for access. Note that you must have an active subscription to receive driver commissions or sub-recruiter bonuses.
“Your system is honestly amazing, I’m really in awe right now. Definitely worth the price of admission! I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve been in trucking and transportation for ten years, and this has to be the most detailed operation I’ve ever seen.”

Ben B. from Kissimmee, FL made $4,000 in his first 60 days!

“This is outstanding! The Real-time Account Mapping System gives you everything you need right right where you need it. It makes the whole recruiting thing just so much easier!”

Paul W. from Branson, MO made $1,000 his first week ever recruiting!

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